Feel like wasting time on the wrong job? Start the hunting!

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We spend in our offices the most of our time, so this mean, the work environment has a significant impact on our lives. There by, we should choose a place were we feel free to express ourselves in all the aspects, not just on the professional side. A job has to give you more than a paycheck.

We've all had at least one job that gave us back nothing more than money, but we used those jobs to get better jobs. This is a natural process because better jobs requires better skills so without experience you can not pretend to a higher level job.

How do you think, where your current job can bring you if, for example, your co-workers are hateful and you company is failing? Of course it can take you wherever you want to go but the next step is up and out of your current firm. That means that now, sitting in your current office, you can take some time and think hard about what you want next in your life and career.

Don't launch a hasty job search and settle for the first offer you get. You have the possibility to analyze the labor market in order to find the best opportunity for you. Don't jump out of the frying pan just to land in the fire!

You will feel appreciate only in the company which feels and understands you not just as a specialist but also as a personality. Figure out what you love to do and look for organizations who need your talents - and will value them.

You  are on the right way if you have a good idea of what you like to do at work. Once you understand what you want, you need fertile ground in which to plant yourself, and grow!

Here are ten signs you're wasting your talents in the wrong job:

1. When you accomplish something incredible and no one says "Thank you" or "Great job!"

2. You have learned everything there is to learn in your company. There is no place left to go, and no way to continue growing your muscles.

3. Your contributions are not appreciated. You don't get paid what your abilities are worth on the talent market, and you don't get the emotional rewards that a better job would give you.

4. The work atmosphere is dark and hostile. That's a great reason to start job-hunting, right there!

5. You make suggestions for improving the organization (and helping it make more money!) and no one wants to hear them.

6. The managers in your company value the wrong things. They value loyalty, obedience and hours-in-the-chair more than they value business results or big ideas.

7. People you interact with outside your company walls ask you confidentially "No offense, but why are you still working there? You're too smart for that job!"

8. You don't see anybody around you to learn from, be inspired by or collaborate with. Your coworkers aren't as bored and unhappy as you are. They are peachy! They don't understand why you don't like the job.

9. You have tons of creative ideas but no place to try them out, and no one to encourage you (or even allow you step out of your tiny box).

10. Your trusty gut says "It's time to move on." Listen to your gut!

So if you feel that one or some of this points refers to your situation you need to start job-hunting. And this will be for your own sanity.  A bad work environment will drain your mojo if you let it. Don't do that.

You diminish yourself by staying in your job because some of your tasks and responsibilities are fun or you are accustomed with doing them. You deserve more than a little fun in the midst of chaos or hostility. Step through your fear to get the job you deserve!

Every new begging is a new adventure. Good luck!

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