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Inviting students to work: expectations and realities

Everybody knows: one shall have not only a diploma but also some practical experience after graduation from a higher education establishment, in order to get a job easily. But where can one gain it? The answer is clear: one should start working as early as during their studies, on vacation or during  study-free time. Students are interested in vacancies suitable for them. It was clear for us, so we went to Moldavian universities, with a light heart, in order to offer students of the Foreign Language Departments the vacancies that would be interesting and needful for them, as well as related to their future speciality.

To our greatest surprise, nobody received us with open arms. It turned out that before we arrived there, some other people had managed to come to universities and to offer students jobs, but not all of those people had come in good faith. Some of them had deceived innocent young boys and girls, embellishing the working conditions, but others even had tried to involve them into provision of unlawful services. It was difficult for us to prove that we were different. However, we did it. We convinced them that we were recruiting for a really strong company and were offering a real highly paid job that would allow them not only to  earn money, but also to graduate from the university with a decent CV.

Students, we are searching you! Company invites students for summer work, upon request of a client, a large international company. If you speak English, German, Portuguese or French language fluently, please, send your CV to and we will tell you about all details of this vacancy and others too, that can interest you. 

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