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Mantis - Personnel Search in Moldova and other countries

Hello! We are Mantis recruitment agency. Have you recognized us? Nonetheless, we are no nascent firm. Recruitment has been our brand name for two years, but we decided to change it for a more recognizable, daring and engaging name. We thought it was time for total transformation. And now it looks like we did it!

It took us a while to come up with the new brand name. We looked through and analyzed the brand names of Moldovan and exterior HR agencies, and came to the conclusion that almost all of them contained words, which were by some means related to the recruiting process: hr, recruitment, consulting etc. We don’t want to follow the crowd, and we have perfect freedom to act as we like. 

During the two years of its existence, Recruitment HR agency covered over 500 vacancies from a wide variety of fields - information technology, medicine, transport industry, manufacturing. 70 percent of local IT companies have become our long-term customers. We have contributed to finding the required personnel not just for local clients but also for companies from Romania, Germany, Great Britain, France, Israel, Italy, and Bulgaria. 

A true recruiter resembles a hunter who hunts for his prey, tracks it down, and doesn’t let it go. That’s exactly the way we are, and this is why we have decided that our new, daring and recognizable brand name should be related with predator world. We have been reflecting, arguing, discussing, and have finally decided: now we are Mantis, which comes from Mantis religiosa – a strong predaceous insect, in whose grasping fore legs prey is caught and held securely. Even more, it’s got 5 eyes and an extremely flexible head which is able to rotate 180 degrees for area survey. Our logotype – a mantis in business suit – totally reflects our backbone.

We get inspired by the rebranding and the already obtained results but we’re striving for more. We wish to become dependable partners for all the respectable companies as well as help all jobseekers find the job of their dream.

Wish us the best of luck!

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