How Much Should You Pay Your Employees? The Answer to this Question in our Salary Guide!

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A new salary study by Mantis and

This is the second improved salary assay comprising more than 650 positions in various spheres and including by 300 positions more, if compared to a previous edition! When developing the Salary Guide, we were assisted by 550 Moldavian companies. We would like to use this occasion to thank sincerely all the companies that were engaged in this research!

Now in 3 languages

The Salary Guide is available in the Romanian and Russian languages this time too. And what is more, we also developed an English version too, upon request of foreign companies.

How much is it?

The standard price is 2,790 lei. The companies that took part in research, will have to pay 975 lei. The first 10 purchasers will benefit from a 30-percent discount!

But if you did not recognise our logo on the cover from the very beginning, do not wonder! A new version of our webpage is coming soon and you will like it for sure.

How to buy?

In order to buy the Salary Guide, please, follow the link and print the invoice. 

Whom to Discuss with?

If you have any questions, please, call the Director of "Mantis" Recruitment Agency Veronica at 079640444. She will gladly explain you everything.

With a special satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, team!

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